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Our​ Vision

We believe parents should have the freedom to do life. And we want to help parents get that freedom by reinventing childcare to be convenient, flexible, and easy. ​​

Reinventing childcare to be convenient, flexible, and easy.

We want to help parents by providing trusted childcare that is convenient, and we want kids to have fun, be active, and learn through play in a safe, secure, and social environment with a professional, well-trained staff of caregivers.

Our​ Mission

To help all parents and bring joy to all kids.

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Saturday Morning Story Time
Every Saturday Morning at 9am to 10am we have story time for the kids. All are welcome and it's free. Parents are can stay or they can drop off. 

After story time the kids will participate in a craft followed by free play.


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Reinventing Childcare

There are a lot of things we are doing differently from other daycares. The three main differences that help parents get the freedom to do life are Extended Hours, Drop-In, and Hourly Rates.
Extended Hours
We open early, we stay open late, and we are open on the weekends until Midnight! We do this so you can use us when you need us.
No need to plan ahead. Come when you are ready to drop off or pick up. Just drop-in when you need us.
Hourly Rates
Parents should only pay for the time they use, which is why we have hourly rates.  Only pay for the time you use.

Trusted by Parents

Parents need to know that their kids will be safe and treated well while in the care of others. To create a place that parents can trust we focused on the security and safety of the children and the hiring and training of our staff. 
We have a secure check-in and check-out process. From our lobby kids are buzzed into the center. Parents must have an ID and be registered in our system. 
We hire only Greenville's most passionate and caring people because we know it is these qualities that lead to a great staff who put the care of your child first. 
Our staff is background checked and receives certifications in CPR and First Aid. Throughout their career with us our staff will continuously attend classes on a multitude of early childhood subjects.

Enjoyed by Kids

 We want to create a place where kids can have fun, be active, be social, and learn through play in a safe and secure environment. We believe that kids learn through play when they are active, imaginative, creative, and social.
Learn Through Play
We want kids to learn and experience new things. By mixing fun with the 4 pillars of play kids will learn life skills.
4 Pillars of Play
Everything we do is with four pillars of play in mind; active play, dramatic play, constructive play, and creative play.
We want kids to play and have fun. There is a wide range of activities for kids. They can run, climb, crawl, dress-up, play with toys, play games, color, or watch a movie.
1 Child​
​(2 years and up)
Additional Children​
(any age)
1 Infant/Toddler​ 
(12 weeks to 1 years)
$9 an hour
$3 an hour
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Block Hours

Use these hours at  any time and on  any day and they never expire!

4 Hours - 10 Hours - 3​0 Hours​ - 50 Hours

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After School Program
Homework Then Play

In the month of July we will be selecting which elementary schools we will be picking up from. If you would like to use us please subscribe to our After School list. We will only send information regarding our After School Program and using the list to determine which schools to add to our bus route. 

Before kids can play, homework first!
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$19/day, $72/week, $272/month

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After School



21 Orchard Park Drive 
Greenville, SC 29615​
(864) 263 - 3895


Monday-Thursday 7:00am - 10:00 pm
Friday 7:00am - 12:00 am
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 am
Sunday - 1:00pm - 6:00pm