Kids want to play.

At KidsZone we want kids to play and have fun. We believe that kids learn through play when they are active, imaginative, creative, and social. Everything we do is with these four pillars of play in mind.

Parent Testimonial

This is the first time I've ever taken my son, now 4 years old, to daycare. I never trusted a daycare to care for him well. But so many times, when I've been at a play place, I've thought, wouldn't it be great if there was a place like this where my son could play and someone would watch him so I could get work done? That's exactly what this place is! Our son begs to go and never wants to leave. The staff is amazing and everything is kept very clean. My son has special needs, but I never have to worry. They take such great care of him. It is like he's going to a fun park. It is wonderful.
-Sami Russo
  1. TOYS
    One of the ways kids will engage in imaginative play is with toys. We will have toys for all ages: balls, trains, doll houses, vehicles, action figures, animals, walkie talkies, puzzles, STEAM toys, and so much more.
  2. Active Play
    With the largest drop-in childcare in the state we have tons of space for kids to run and play. Keeping kids active is one of our highest priorities. We do this by providing things for kids to climb, crawl, and slide on. Also, we will have active games for kids to play, like Hide and Seek, Floor is Lava, and dancing, plus toys like ride-ons and jump ropes.
  3. Dramatic Play
    Dramatic play is one of the best ways for kids to learn through play. At KidsZone we will provide kids with everything they need to immerse themselves in pretend play. Kids will have dress-up costumes, props, and pretend play sets.
  4. Constructive
    Kids love to build and manipulate their environment to create new things. And they will be able to do this at KidsZone with building blocks of all shapes and sizes, Legos, Duplo, TinkerToys, Playdough, and other types of building blocks
  5. Creative Play
    In our Arts and Crafts area kids will be able to color, draw, paint, and participate in planned art activities. And we will have spots where kids will be able to draw and color on our walls. Better on our walls than your's.
  6. Socializing
    Our staff will ensure that KidsZone is a social and friendly place for kids. When your kids come they will make new friends and meet old ones. Every visit will be a playdate.

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Our play area is custom made to provide kids with active and dramatic play. At KidsZone kids will be able to run and play and be imaginative. 
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