Flexible Preschool

Early Learning On Your Schedule

Play and Learning.

Perfect for a child's first preschool experience.
Just like a mother's morning out or a daycare's preschool program, but with a twist.

With our program you choose when to come and for how long. Best of all you only pay for the time you use.

We focus on getting your child ready for a structured class room experience by introducing short lesson plans that teach the fundamentals.
Parent Testimonial
My son loves KidsZone. Being able to pay by hour is perfect for schedule now that I'm a student and mom! My 2-year-old has gained friends there and loves all of the ladies who look after him during his time there! He loves his time home but come Monday he is up and excited about going to daycare! As a mom knowing my child loves his childcare makes it tons easier to drop him off, they have also started doing preschool activities and I can already tell my son has learned so much not only numbers, shapes, and letters, but also how to be a good friend!
- Tia Rogers
How We Help You And Your Child
We help parents looking for a Mother's Morning Out, part-time preschool, or a part-time daycare with more flexibility!

You Set the Schedule – you bring your child as often as you need and for as long as you need.
Getting Ready for the Next Level – your child will get mostly play time with short periods of structured learning. This helps with the transition from toddler life to student life.
Learning Through Play – there is a lot your child can learn from simply playing. We believe that kids learn through play when they are active, imaginative, creative, and social. To learn more about our 4 Pillars of Play click here .
Learning to Socialize – a big part of school life is being social; making friends, sharing, and listening to teachers. Your child will naturally learn these social skills at KidsZone by playing with the other kids and interacting with the teacher in a fun and safe environment.

Daily Schedule
● ​​​​9:30am - Circle Time/Music & Movement
● ​9:45am - Lesson Plan & Craft Time
● ​10am - Snack Time
● ​10:30am - Free Play
● ​12pm - Lunch
● ​12:30pm - Quiet Time
 ​1pm - Educational Programming
● ​2:30pm - Snack Time
● 3pm - Craft Time
● ​3:30pm - Free Play
5pm - Dinner
Structured Lesson Plans
At regularly scheduled times throughout the day the preschoolers will gather in our Arts and Crafts area to participate in that day's lesson plan. Each lesson will cover one of the following topics:

● Basic Knowledge (Letters, Numbers, Colors, and Shapes)
● Daily Life Skills (Time, Calendar, Weather, and Personal Care)
● Science (Color Mixing, Experiments, and Cause/Effect Reactions)
● Math (Sorting, Quantity, and Patterns)
● Arts (Crafts, Drawing, Painting, and Story Time)

Weekly Lesson Plans
How It Works
Our ​​​​​​​​​structured lesson plans are designed for kids 2 to 5 years old. Starting at 9:30am the kids will gather in our Arts and Crafts area to learn. Depending on the child this lesson will last between 20-40 minutes. Every hour, when we are not having a lesson, the kids will be participating in one of the following; music and movement, arts and crafts, and story time. Between these activities the kids will have free to play.

You don’t need to call ahead or reserve a spot. Simply drop-in to drop off. And pick up anytime.

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