Summer Camp

How it Works

● Pick the days you want -- no need to purchase an entire week

● Daily field trips (6 years and up) to parks and other fun places

9 hours of childcare starting when you check-in



(2 years and older)



(any age)

Buy 5 days (doesn’t have to be consecutive) and get $40 off the total price

We have Half Days (4 hours) for $32 and $12 for siblings
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● Snacks are complimentary 

● You can bring a lunch

● Or order Outback
Field Trips
● Bus leaves at 10am and will go to local parks and other fun and interesting places around Greenville.

● We will have some special field trips that will have discount admission fees to various indoor and outdoor places.

● Join our Facebook Group to get up to date information on where we are going and see pictures and videos of the kids' adventures. 
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